En-route to Galapagos Islands

May 27, 2015 0 comment

Wake up! Wake up! You are headed to South America today, waaaaaakeeeeeee up! Sleep and I fought for one more hour before I hazily got ready. It was crunch time. 9:00 am Breakfast with dear friends, followed by last minute errands and packing. I most likely forgot something. I mean, I am me. I have to forget something whenever I walk out the front door. We had planned on leaving Alfred 11:00 am on the dot. It was 12:00 pm. We are finally getting the fuck out of Alfred. We are going to miss our friends and family but the adventure is calling, and we have got to go!

And off we go! First stop...New Jersey.

And off we go! First stop…New Jersey.

After several stops, we make it to my bestie’s place in Jersey. We catch up on life and head out. It was pouring out, and traffic picked up. Twenty minutes into our ride, I realized my phone had decided to play hide and seek…again. Before panic turned into a heart attack, Bestie’s dad found it. It was sitting quietly (of course I left it on silent) on her desk. Did I mention I always tend to forget things It’s not my fault things tend to run away from me. Anyway, Bestie’s amazing cousin, delivers it to me because he is a rockstar. Back on the road and we were off to JFK.

We arrived at our gate an hour or so later. I needed a pint of cold beer, so we immediately found a bar close to our gate. I don’t know why but I always end up spending more than a necessary amount of moola on shitty airport food. I know how it is yet I do it anyway. Damn you hunger. After a quick snack time, we boarded our plane. It finally sank in – I was on my way to South America.

Good morning Guayaquil!

We arrived at Guayaquil airport about three hours ago. It’s a small airport, so we were in and out of customs in a matter of half an hour. Then began our battle with time. We had to wait two hours before we could check in our luggage. None of us slept well on the plane, so I found a little quiet space for us to camp out and take a cat nap!

Cat nap

Cat nap

After nap time, we were in line to get paperwork for Galapagos. I did not read anything about this online or in our guidebook, but we got our paperwork, had to pay $20 and go through baggage security just for the Galápagos Islands. Once they approve your bag, you are free to check-in and drop off your luggage. Now here we are, enjoying the luxury of FREE WiFi (Thank you Guayaquil!), waiting to board our flight to Santa Cruz, Galapagos!!

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