Half-day Tour to Volcan Trillizos

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On our last in Isabela, we had some free time before taking the afternoon ferry (2:30 pm) to Santa Cruz. In order to pass the time, we decided to go cave rappelling as it was only a 2hour tour. We purchased the tour ($35/person) from our hostel. It included transportation, a guide, and equipment. After a quick breakie, we were out the door. It was about a 30minute ride followed by a fifteen-minute hike to the cave.

Volcan Trillizos was discovered only a couple of years ago when someone nearly fell through. One cow was not so lucky…I’ll explain…keep reading. Today, it’s one of the many activities you can do in Isabela. Part of the hike to Trilizos was a wee bit scary due to muddy-steep-uneven-steps. With shaky legs, I managed to hold on to the rope and my go-pro as we made our way. Higglepuff was doing her best to translate as we walked onwards.

We came across two small craters, and a while later we were able to see the Trilizos. It was time to go down another steep-muddy-going-to-fall-and-die path, but the sight was incredible that my fall-and-die fear was immediately forgotten. There was a ladder stuck to the ground, continuing down the black-scary-hole-we-may-never-come-out-of (eeeeeeek!). Once our ropes were tied to the safety line, we were instructed to climb down the ladder while pulling down the harness with our free arm as we descended one at a time.


What did I get myself into?

Once we reached the mouth of Trilizos, the steps vertically dropped. It was dark and a wee bit scary. We followed our guide further into the cave. Remember the not-so-luck cow I mentioned earlier? Well, we found her…bones. SCARRRRRRYYYYY! It was pretty cool to be down there. From what we understood, there are two tunnels in that cave; one leading to the sea, and the second to Sierra Negro Volcano. We, of course, couldn’t go down there for safety reasons, so we stood there for some time, appreciating the beauty of it all. Yes, even the cow’s bones. Teehee.

Climbing our way out of that tunnel was a motherlovin’ workout! I think my thighs were toned in a matter of 20 minutes. The rain continued as we made our way back to the drop off spot. We were covered in mud, from head to toe. Luckily, our hostel let us use the shower to clean up before leaving. We grabbed a taxi to the port this time around, as we were running a little behind. There isn’t much in Isabela regarding social activities, but there is plenty of adventure. I think a day tour from Santa Cruz is fine if you have limited time. I personally enjoyed the quaint little (but big) island.

Our quick boat transfer to the main ferry was delayed due to feeding time:


Once on the ferry, I desperately hoped to fall asleep again (I was out cold on the ferry ride to Isabela). That, however, did not happen. The waves were insanely big and bouncy! Curse you the Pacific Ocean. I don’t usually get Sea sick but this time around…man oh man.  Luckily I had taken some Dramamine before the ride began; it didn’t help a lot, but I wasn’t as miserable as I could have been. Two very LONG hours later, we arrived back in Santa Cruz.

We decided to stay with Hostal Carliza again as it was centrally located and finding a taxi early in the morning would be quick and easy. Before calling it a night, we decided to go to Danny’s for dinner again. I mean, how could we not?! Good food, good company, good chef…thank you Santa Cruz! A great five-day adventure I will never forget.

Off to Keeeeeyto!


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