Horseback Riding in Huaraz

November 19, 2018 0 comment

Most people I know went on their first Horseback Riding experience on a farm. I, being lucky and all, got to experience it for the first time at 10,000ft in one of the most beautiful places in Peru – all for $20. Lucky indeed. Setting up the tour was an easy process through our hostel. We were picked up and dropped off down the road, which was very convenient. Our tour guides gave us the basic rundown on the route, and how to manage horses. Everyone except me had ridden horses before….boy was I in for a treat.

Foreshadowing to how I’d feel about the horse at the end of the trip…

The last time I rode an animal (a camel to be specific, riding out from the Sahara Desert), I had to hop off 5 minutes into our ride because my tush was not having it. I faced the same ordeal in 2008 while riding a Donkey up the famous Santorini stairs. I still hadn’t learned my lesson after that…because here I was, once again, on an animal that really just wanted to stand still and eat his heart out.

Oh some million miles later, we arrive on top of the mountain. The view was worth the pain, and the emotional roller-coaster I put myself through.

We sat around for some time, taking in the views of the Cordillera Negra and the Cordillera Blanca. The mountain ranges were just incredible. After sunbathing for forty minutes or so, we were on our way down. My darlin’ horse was having it no more. It wanted to stay put and eat some more.

Ten minutes later, I was off that horse and walking us down the mountain. Yes, I am incredibly impatience. But that horse left me no choice. I was literally tugging the horse to keep moving. About half an hour later, we arrived back down to the farm. I said my farewell to my beloved horse some half an hour later, hoping to never ride one again. Or so I had thought…


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