Las Grietas, Santa Cruz

May 28, 2015 2 comments

We landed at Baltra Airport around 11:00 am. Our excitement grew as we stepped out of the plane, but humidity hit us like a wrecking ball….okay, I promise never to use Miley reference, ever again. It was time to go through customs. I was one step closer to getting the stamp on my passport. The Galapagos stamp; marked another country, another continent, and another check off my bucket list. I did a little bit of dance to celebrate my new achievement. Yes, I am one of those travelers. You may call me the stamp collector. After paying $100 Island fee, we took off to collect our bags.IMG_8991
Out of Baltra, LAN bus is ready to take passengers to the port. The ferry ride is about five minutes and costs $1. Once on the other side, the lot is filled with taxi drivers and few buses. Taxi ride to downtown Santa Cruz is about 45 minutes and costs $18, and the bus ride is over an hour and costs $2. We were too impatient and decided to take the taxi. It came to $7 per person after tip.
IMG_8997 IMG_8998
After checking into our hostel, which turned out to be a hotel, we took off in search for Las Grietas. After few failed attempt to navigate around, we found our way, and this is how we were welcomed! NBD.

From the main port, it’s two-minute boat ride to the edge of the island, costs $0.50. Once off the boat, there is only one path you can follow, and if you come to this beach, you are on the right track.


La Playa

We all looked at each other and rushed off to jump in the water. It was warm and incredibly shallow. YAY! We were having a great time until Higglepuff decided to joke about a Stingray. Not even 30 seconds later, I spot a small Stingray floating nearby me, the girls thought I was joking until CoCo spotted him. My bum was out of that water before you can say, Steve Erwin. Too harsh? I understand they are harmless creatures but nope. Nope. Nope. Bye Felicia. We were back on the track to Las Grietas. It was about a 15-minute walk from to beach, just follow the lava rock trail. We finally made it. Another check off my Pinterest list. Oh, did I mention my entire trip was planned on Pinterest?

IMG_9060IMG_9017IMG_9020 IMG_9023IMG_9025IMG_9026IMG_9030 IMG_9039
AMAZING, right?! I mean this picture doesn’t do any justice, but it’s an incredible place, a must if you are in Santa Cruz. Molten lava caused this fjord, it is about 30m deep and the water is incredibly clear. There is a small dock where you will find a guy renting snorkel equipment for $5. Luckily, he also had a life jacket for my poor self. Oh, did I mention I can’t swim? Yip… Both girls jumped in while I stood on the dock, as my life flashed before me…okay I’m being a bit dramatic. I am not terrified of deep water, I love love love being in the ocean/lake/mini-fjord, but I just need a moment or two to get my balls in order. After few minutes, I jumped in. The water was cold but refreshing. We swam around for a good hour or so. It started to get colder as the sun went down; it was time to make our way back.


We were welcomed back to the Island by this little guy.

Dinner Date #1

Dinner Date #1

After fetching dinner and dancing a little, it was time to call it a night. We had days worth of adventure in a matter of just 6 hours. I went to bed happy that night, and I couldn’t wait for our day two adventures

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Corine November 17, 2015 - 5:41 am

Best first day ever! I remember the first glimpse of the islands from the plane like it was yesterday!! Butterflies and grinning ear to ear!!! Can we go back???

Wandering Krishna November 17, 2015 - 5:43 am

Yes, please!! 🙂


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