Three-days in Venice

March 22, 2014 1 comment

Day 1

Bonjourno! I was ecstatic to be back in Venice for three whole days! I was utterly sick last time I was here and did not get a chance to explore much. I was prepared this time, and healthy as a horse. Mum and I arrived in Venice late afternoon. From the airport, we hopped on a bus heading towards Venice or so we thought… Getting lost is frustrating but part of traveling. We had some wonderful people help us get back on track. Before our arrival, I had booked a room with Hotel Canal for three nights, it was close to the bus station and right on Grand Canal, plus it was reasonably priced. By the time mum and I got settled in, it was early evening. We decided to wander around for a bit. Strolling along a very familiar Grand Canal, I found myself standing right across from the Hostel my bestie, and I stayed at. Time for a quick flashback story? I think yes!

It was a rainy afternoon in August 2010 when bestie and I arrived in Venice. We made our way from the bus station to the Hostel. It was fairly easy to find our way there. We checked in and headed to our room. Upon storing our luggage, we went straight to this giant window in our room which had a bench like space for bestie and me to sit on. We immediately hopped up. It had the most incredible view of a very busy Grand Canal.

We just sat there, I don’t know for how long, but we sat there staring out to the city, occasionally waving back at tourists on taxi boats. Neither of us spoke much but we didn’t want to or need to. It’s very rare in life to experience moments like that. A true travel moment.

Did that make sense? Probably not, as I said…I am terrible at writing. My thoughts are rather nonsensical but if that nonsense made perfect sense to you then heyyyyyyy I owe you a beer. Maybe.

Back to the story; our travel moment was interrupted by one of the staff members. He informed us that it was illegal for anyone, especially women, to sit on windows in Venice. You see, back in the day, prostitutes used to sit/ stand on those windows. Now that I think about it, I don’t know if that law was legitimate. Also, those staff members was an avid prankster. Oh well…it certainly made an interesting story.

Anyway, back to 2014. We walked around Rio Teria Lista for a while, grabbed some dinner and went back to our hotel. Little brother finally made it to Venice from Croatia.

Day 2

We grabbed some delicious breakfast at our hotel and headed out for the day. We didn’t have any particular agenda, so we just walked around, seeing the main attractions as we went.

Somehow, we found a Chinese restaurant for lunch, and since mother and I had eaten any and all types of pasta for the past week and a half. Our food was horrible. I know, I KNOW – lesson learned; never eat Chinese food in the land of Pasta. Also, I’m pretty sure restaurant owners were part of some Chinese mafia. We got the hell out of there and continued our walk around Venice.

By late afternoon, we made it to Basilica Santa Maria. We just sat there, soaking up the afternoon sun, people watching for a bit. Mother was tired, so we headed back to our hotel. We did a full circle of Venice in about 8 hours.

While our mother went for a nap, I went to this cutesy restaurant next to our hotel. They had outdoor tables right by the canal. I ordered a glass of their house Pinot Grigio. It was delicious. Next thing I knew…I was on my 4th glass. A little drunk – just a little bit. Enjoying the view as the cold breeze tickled my cheeks ever so tenderly. And at that moment, I was pulled back to reality by my brother. Our mother was soon making her way down for dinner.


Perfect evening.

Believe it or not, we found an Indian Restaurant; Ganesh Ristorante Indiano a Venezia. Our mother was thrilled. Its owner was an adorable Italian woman who had lived in India for some time. The food was alright, but it made our mother very happy. I, however, wanted nothing but fried food. Indian cuisine isn’t exactly drunk-friendly food. I survived. It was time to settle in for the night.

Day 3

We planned on a short day tour to Burano, Murano, and Torcello. I purchased tickets from Viator, and they were about $22 per person. I would have figured out a way to get there on our own, but we didn’t have much time. It was your typical touristy excursion. You can roam around on your own for a while and back to the boat. Murano is well-known for its glass; we were escorted to a glass blowing show.

Our last stop was in Torcello – it was a bit boring, and wasted unnecessary amount of time on that island (probably because there isn’t much there that I cared about). However, I did manage to capture a great shot…well in my opinion. If you like small dirt walkway, lamps, and wooden gates – then you may appreciate this photo too. I don’t know why but I always think of Narnia when I look at this photo.

After four hours or so, our tour officially ended and we headed back to Venice. I forgot to mention earlier but the ferry was crowded with tourists, so our seats were separated. My mom found a sit next to two Indian ladies. I could see her chatting away. She told me later that they were from Manchester, England, and they knew our aunt and uncle who reside in a town near by. CRAZY, right?! This world gets smaller every time I travel. We went to some touristy restaurant that night for dinner. Afterwards, we did some shopping. I bargained my way through a lot of it. Always, always bargain when possible. I got a fantastic deal on some Venetian masks.


Grand Canal at night.

Grand Canal at night.

It was time to say goodbye to Venice; one of the best family vacation we went on. I got to explore another side of Venice this time. However dirty, Venice is gorgeous. Maybe one day, I’ll go back. Ciao ciao for now.

Next stop Istanbul for our 15hr layover…

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Corine November 17, 2015 - 5:59 am

Your Torcello pictures are f***ing awesome!! Put those babies in a frame and sell the shit out of them!


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